Extraction 2: when it will release? Find Out All The Updates You Look For!


Extraction is an American Originated action thriller film which was released on Netflix in2020. Directed by Sam Hargrave and Written by Joe Russo the film is based on a Graphic Novel written by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando, and Eric Skillman. starring Chris Hemsworth as the main lead, the film is based on a Rescue Mission of an Indian Drug lord’s son who was kidnapped by a Bangladeshi Drug lord.

Netflix released Extraction on April 24, 2020, on its platform. the film reviews were not so great and not so bad and received a mixed reviews review. 

The Critics praised the performances and action sequences in the film, but at the same time also criticized the storyline and the excessive violence. Although after getting a mixed review and receiving a rating of 6.7 on IMDb, the film became the most-watched film in Netflix’s history.

The major plot of the film is based on the rescue of an Indian drug lord’s son who was kidnapped by the Bangladeshi drug lord because of the rivalry between both. 

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler was paid for the Extraction of the kid and bring him safely, Randeep Hooda plays a character who is in Indian Special forces and also went on to extract the kid from Dhaka, Bangladesh. in between the Extraction huge violence was shown and how they move safely from the rivals .and eventually at the end both died but the kid got extracted safely.

Extraction 2: when it will release? Find Out All The Updates You Look For!

Extraction 2: what are its details and what are its fan theories?

Although the first part of the series got a mixed review from the critics it eventually became the most-watched film in Netflix’s history. this huge response forced Netflix to renew the film for its second part. 

The second part renewal was confirmed by Netflix and we will all get to see the second part in the coming time. But the release date is still not confirmed. Given the ongoing Pandemic, the second part could take several years before it releases. But don’t worry we will update you soon as we get something.

Now the major question is what was Tyler’s s faith in part 1 and will Chris Hemsworth be playing a role in the second part? particularly we have no sure answers about that since the script for the second part is still being written. The faith of Chris will be decided by the story whether it moves forward or backward in time.

Saying of the storyline and plot of the second part, we do not have any news about it since the production of the film has still not started yet. the creators of the film have also not revealed anything about the film. they did not concentrate on the last scene of Tyler and didn’t know whether he is dead or alive. 

So, this remains a question that can only be answered if there will be an update. so don’t worry we will keep posting new updates about the series.


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