“Code Geass” is one of the most popular anime series in the world. It was originally broadcasted from October 2006 to July 2007 in Japan through MBS. The series marked Goro Taniguchi’s directorial debut with original designs from the all-female group original character designs.

As Zero, Euphemia, Suzaku, and Kallen encounter each other while the forest is being cleaned up, they all get caught in one of V.V.’s Geass Traps. The trap was an item covered with a gray tarp of some kind. Such as V.V. Since it’s not just some pit, he smiles away. While the main objective of the trip was to flood the cleaning, it also manages to give Suzaku a mental shock, causing her to become unresponsive to Euphemia.

When Gorō Taniguchi and Ichirō kouchi initially approached Yoshitaka Kawaguchi’s concept of Code Geass, it was very different from the final product. The plot was initially set to feature a hero character who was heading a secret organization. At the time, the concept originated by adding two characters with morals and beliefs that were entirely different. They were also expected to be part of the same military unit as well. These two characters, Lelouch and Suzaku, were added as alternates.

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We saw Schneizel go against Zero in a chess match in Season 2, Episode 9. Schnitzel uses his king and checkmates himself during the match. This is, in fact, against the Chess rules. In the real world, this move will be considered a disqualification. The world of Code Geass presumably approaches the game differently.

The theme of Paper Crane has also been consistent throughout the series run; we can see C.C. at the end of the series. With a paper crane, this is the 1000th crane that will make a dream come true for everyone. So, we see Kallen living with his mother as the show closes.

The series has repeatedly used multiple references to Pizza Hut in the original Japanese edition of Code Geass. The English dub, however, edited all those sections out. An advertisement for a Pizza Hut was seen in one of the episodes where British helicopters were attempting to stop a terrorist vehicle.


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