Fake Check: Paranormal Expert Steve Huff Claims Spoke Sushant Singh Rajput’s Spirit!


Steve Huff a Photographer and Paranormal researcher who claims to have developed “The Portal” and “The Wonderbox”, two devices that help connect with spirits. Steve has made claims to have spent all his childhood with Spirits with the help of Ouija Boards. 

Although Steve has researched the subject for more than years now, apparently this is known to be his first experience of connecting with the spirit of an Indian Bollywood Actor. After receiving several requests from fans of Sushant Singh Rajput, Huff agreed to cater to the request and also expressed his gratitude for receiving more than a thousand requests.

In the video, Huff is seen asking Sushant a few questions. He begins by asking “Are you in the light” to which the voice; allegedly of Sushant’s Spirit is hear saying “Yes, I am getting the light”.

Fake Check: Paranormal Expert Steve Huff Claims Spoke Sushant Singh Rajput’s Spirit!

Further in the video, Steve asks the spirit if he wants to say anything and the voice replies “Want some love”. Steve then continues to ask if the spirit can tell something about night before his death to which voice says “Big arguments with men”. In the end, he asks if someone has murdered him but to this question voice-only replies by a vague statement “they brought nails”.

Sushant’s case is currently under investigation although social media is full of requests been made by his fans to CBI to intervene in order to check for any foul play. Although science and technology have developed exponentially but considering the loopholes that any technology may have his claim needs to investigate more.

There are 2 videos doing rounds on the internet posted by Steve Huff supporting his claims. But, it will be wise to say that the claim can not be considered 100% accurate for now at least.


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