Falcon And Winter Soldier Director On The Biggest Challenge Of The Show –

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This is going to be something amazing for all the MCU lovers, but looking from the director’s side directing a show where one of the title characters can fly is undoubtedly a tough job. 

But when it was officially confirmed by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier director Kari Skogland, that the biggest challenge for everyone behind the scene is not the Falcon’s flying job. 

The major social issue around which the show centres around is none other than MCU favourites Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). This is because of Bucky’s trauma arc and the harsh racism that Sams deals with while weighing whether to accept the Captain’s shield or not. The shield which Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) offered him at the end of the movie “Endgame”, which confirms many things going to unpack. 

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Honoring Captain America’s shield 

As per the director’s confirmation, figuring out the main challenges one of which includes honouring Captain America’s shield with all the related story and themes. According to him, it’s not something that will be taken lightly but an important subject matter. 

It’s the immense expectation from the show which also created a lot of social issues that the show has to tackle. Skogland told the reporter that these are just like hurdles where everyone on the show is focusing on justice. 

He further added that they were not talking about small issues but issues which are very very sensitive, and also on some relevant topics and subjects which are important to look after.   

Challenges With Falcon- the 

Well, this is also a matter to be taken care of in the show. As we know in 2020, Anthony Mackie committed that one of the most difficult aspects of the show for him is nothing but the flying job assigned. The reporter asked Skogland about the big challenges related to the height till which the Falcon can fly he replied as- 

Flying with such a heavy suit is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for the Falcon. There are many things along with this which he has to take care like the swings and the dangerous stunts. 

This is all that the director said about the challenges he has to face for the upcoming show. For more such entertainment updates from behind the scene, stay tuned!


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