Falcon and Winter Soldier Just Suited Back-Up as [SPOILER]


The duo gear up for some action

Not to be confused with the upcoming Disney+ series, (which adds a determinant to both of its nouns: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier), this comic issue sees the two soldiers go up against a formidable enemy.

Probably the youngest Hydra member to exist, don’t let the teenager fool you. Natural, a HYDRA member went up against Falcon and Winter Soldier in this edition and revealed that there two contenders butting their heads to take control of the evil organization.

One of them is revealed to be Baron Zemo whereas the other’s identity is still kept under wraps.

When Sam and Bucky face Zemo, their brief confrontation ends up in an alliance to learn who is the second candidate who wants to take over Hydra.

The first time Sam and Bucky went up against Natural, the two were defeated brutally. It was time to Cap Up! 

Ever since Steve had retired from his duties as Captain America, Barnes and Wilson both replaced the former superhero. While Bucky wore Captain America’s newer uniform, Sam opted for the 2014 version with his Falcon wings attached to the uniform.

But ever since Rogers reclaimed his role as the Cap once again, the two returned to their old uniforms. However, this issue saw the two suit up in their CAPTAIN AMERICA uniforms once again! 

Amusingly, when the duo reach Natural’s residence they find out that his parents are Captain America super-fans. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Junior, as his parents call him, is being recruited as an assassin for Hydra. Sam and Bucky assure Junior’s distressed parents to protect their son and talk him out of joining Hydra. As a token of gratitude, the parents give the superhero duo a pair of knock-off Captain America costumes.

Since Junior is an equally big fan of Captain America, they believe that reprising their role as one would help them in talking Junior out of joining Hydra.

When the duo encouter Junior, they are attacked by an army of Hydra. This results in an all-out cry for battle during which Junior lends the duo his bulletproof shield which was made my Hydra for him. Albeit not real vibranium, the duo launch out in the battle. 

No matter how brief, it surely is a warming to see our favourite superhero pair back as the Sentinel of Liberty. Even if its for a short amount of time.


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