Family Reunion Part 3: Real Comedy Is Back to Entertain Us


Family Reunion is a Comedy Web Series, created by Meg DeLoatch and produced by Warner Bros. Its first episode was aired on Netflix on 10th July 2019. There we 2 parts of the first season and 2nd part (considered as 2nd season) aired on 20th January 2020. 

The 2nd season (Part 3 and Part 4) was announced to be renewed on 9th December 2019.Many families liked this show world-wide and recommended it in Google reviews to keep it running as they want more of this kind. According to stats, 95% of Google users liked this African-American family show. 

 The story follows a Family of Mckellan who has traveled from Washington to Columbus, Georgia for a family reunion following which they decided to stay back to be together with their beloved once. The Mckellan family is of 6 members who left their happening life back in Washington to settle in a hot and humid place in Columbus just to be together, but it is not that easy to maintain everyone’s unique demands at times. 

Family Reunion Part 3: Real Comedy Is Back to Entertain Us

They are trying their best to sort out differences despite it is becoming more difficult for them. The series is a mix of the family drama between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law and grandpa taking care of all members carefully with his amazing cooking style and flavors. All-in-all it is the series which can teach us back family morals and values, and the new generation will learn a lot about how a family should function in tough as well as a good time.

 The main cast of the show will remain the same with some alterations as per the upcoming plots in the next season.

  • Tia Mowry as Cocoa McKellan (Mother of 4)
  • Anthony Alabi as Moz McKellan (Cocoa’s husband)
  • Talia Jackson as Jade McKellan  (Cocoa and Moz’s eldest daughter)
  • Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Shaka McKellan (Cocoa and Moz’s older son)
  • Cameron J. Wright as Mazzi McKellan (Cocoa and Moz’s younger son)
  • Jordyn Raya James as Ami McKellan (Cocoa and Moz’s youngest daughter)
  • Loretta Devine as M’Dear (Moz’s Mother)
  • Richard Roundtree as Grandpa (Moz’s Father)

 Trailer and release date of Season 3 (AKA Season 2, part 1): 



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