Famke Janssen opens up about how she feels laying X-Men’s Jean Grey once again

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Famke Janssen described Jean Grey’s cinematic involvement in the X-Men movie series beyond doubt, first as the star of the first 3 X-Men movies, then as the Wolverine’s crucial promoter spinoff for X-Men, and, finally, as a surprise at the end of X-Men: Future Past Days. Fortunately, in Days of the future, Jean’s destiny in X-Men was unfinished to Janssen’s loved ones. Due to the time-travel efforts of Hugh Jackman and the later versions of Prof. X (James McAvoy) and Magneto, she is alive again. The Last Stand was unfinished (Michael Fassbender).

Since then, it has introduced new iterations of some characters, among them Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and a 20th Century Fox purchase, which the company since rebuilt in the 20th Century, that has changed considerably in the landscape of the X-Men.

Of note, this change puts almost all the Marvel inventions under one artistic surround, and it seems inevitable that the X-Men reboots on the Marvel Cinematics universe. In other words, if Disney would not wish to keep any of the original Fox talents in the studio in future.

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Janssen said that she would be ready to take over Jean Gray in an exclusive interview on her part in The Latest Heist Thriller, but she’s content, meanwhile, to stay busy with the many other changes that have been given her.

Janssen smilingly told reporters, “[Jean] was such a wonderful character to play. Sophie [Turner] is doing such an amazing job, so I can’t imagine anybody [like me] coming back. But we’ve seen it obviously … with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, that we’ve seen in both incarnations the younger and older or more mature, or whatever the politically correct term for that is. But yeah, so it’d be great [to come back], but let’s just see how life goes. In the meanwhile, I’m very busy filming, thankfully. Thank God, again, I’m going back to work [after the COVID shutdown]. So, that’s wonderful.”

Of note, the X-Men saga isn’t Janssen’s only franchise. She led Liam Neeson’s Taken franchise from 2008 to 2014 and played 007 nemeses in GoldenEye in Xenia Onatopp, opposite Pierce Brosnan. In brief, Janssen had not missed all the “wonderful chances” on the actor.

She added, “When I look back at my career now, I go, I was born in a small town in the Netherlands, and here I am living in New York City and having worked with this incredible list of actors from Robert De Niro and Liam Neeson, Harvey Keitel, and Michael Douglas. And I can go on and on and it’s just incredible; the James Bond franchise, the X-Men franchise, the Taken franchise. I just feel super blessed. Super blessed.”


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