Fan Moments Which Started Turning On Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel, the hunky actor or even called Mr. Fast & Furious. Since the first film came out in 2001, he has played the roles of Dom Toretto in the movie. Dom is described as a sort of a sweet bad guy character. And it’s been lapped up by audiences, with nine films out and about two in the works. 

But Vin Diesel has not only won a popularity contest among the cast and crew of the films for different reasons but he has also earned the recognition of being a critic to his co-stars, throwing his weight around, and being a little more “relaxed” with his routine of work.

For the most part, until 2016, when mega-rich Dwayne Johnson filmed The Plight of the Furious with Petrol, all this was simmering beneath the ice. Everything went from poor to worse, very openly, very publicly. 

The Rock helped to throw into the open all the “problems” of dealing with Vin Diesel. And since then, Diesel has been attacked, and not in a positive way, by gossip and celebrity pages.

Let’s have a look at when fans started turning Vin Diesel on. 

The feud that got it all out into the open with Johnson 

In 2011, The Rock landed onboard the franchise, cast as agent Luke Hobbs. His fourth Fast & Furious film, The Fate of the Furious, was shot in 2016. That’s why the fan was struck big time by the s**t.

Yeah, from the outset of Johnson’s relationship with the franchise, it was pretty obvious that he and Vin Diesel were never going to be best friends. When they were together, there was just a certain excitement in the air, particularly when they were in front of the cameras.

What was the issue, then? Ok, the face that Diesel felt had a lousy work ethic was at the top of Johnson’s list of grievances. In his $1.1 million trailer, he would sit, leaving everyone waiting, including The Rock. 

“Vin spent a whole day in his trailer one day. The next day, they waited four hours for him.”Vin spent a whole day in his trailer one day. They waited four hours for him the next day.

Johnson fried it big time. The Rock was saying that the man was just plain lazy. And Diesel was a manufacturer of many of the F&F films. And he was letting everybody know that. He felt that he needed to call the shots for it all.

Speak about being lazy! He was so poor during the 2009 marketing of Swift & Furious that he was fired by his PR staff. “A source was quoted by Page Six as saying, “No one could get a hold of him [for a press junket]. He didn’t pick up his phone and it wasn’t until a Universal executive called that he eventually picked up and used the lame excuse, ‘I’m sick.’ When he finally turned up, he didn’t appear to be sick at all.

His 42 West publicist clarified to Page Six that the guy had been dumped after the incident.

All this meant that The Rock went very public while they were supporting The Fate of the Furious, claiming that he wouldn’t be on promotional tours with Diesel. 

It is fair to say that The Rock had had enough by 2016 and wrote an Instagram post attacking one of his male co-stars, Calling him a sugar a**, chicken s**t, and unprofessional.

The universe knew Vin Diesel had to be the culprit. And that’s when he started getting turned on by people. 

The impact on Ellen DeGeneres 

As Ellen DeGeneres has discovered, if bad things start falling out, there’s no avoiding it. Blogs like are starting to dish the dirt on Diesel.

For one thing, Diesel spoke to Paul Walker, his co-star who died in a 2013 car accident, about his close relationship. Walker’s friends and co-stars held their hands up and said it wasn’t that way and that Vin was only using the memory of Walker to make himself look like a decent person.

And then Life & Style was told by a so-called “source” that his public family-man appearance was just so BS and that in 2016 he cheated on his wife who is the mother of his three children, Paloma Jimenez. “The source said: “Vin has a double life. He met this girl at a party in NYC about a year ago.

Yeah, at the dance, they made out like nuts and were quickly jumping around in the sack. The fling lasted a few months. Rumors are that other hook-ups have taken place. 

When he was away from home shooting movies that led to yet more tales of his party-hard lifestyle. That spilled over into late starts and often groggy, hungover performances.

And it has just gotten worse. Seems Diesel was a producer for xXx: Xander Cage’s Comeback in 2017. Most of the time, Diesel did his party-hard thing, according to LaineyGossip, he “repeatedly held up production because of his partying” and even insisted “on being helicoptered to remote locations after partying all night, while the rest of the cast and crew had to walk in and wait for an hour.” “He was in so poor condition that he had to “superimpose his head on his double stunt.” 

When he and The Rock rivalry began, people may have begun to turn on Vin Diesel saying that his P.R. team is trying to show a better picture of Vin on social media these days. The only thing is that what they share has so little to do with the actual Vin Diesel.


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