Fan of Death Note? The 10 Saddest things about Light Yagami!!

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Light Yagami is the main protagonist of the Death Note. He is the villain in the series but he is not the traditional villain. We are here presenting some of the sad things that you should know about him.

  1. The Death Note ruined his true potential

At the beginning of the series, Yagami is represented as hardworking and smart, who’s better than others. Death Note gave him the power to ruin himself, otherwise, he would have used his intelligence to do something great.

  1. No one seems to truly understand him

He is unapproachable and anti-social. Due to his perspective towards the people around him, he stays alone and prepares for his entrance test. He is popular and likable, but he avoids wasting his time socializing.

  1. His ego made his fall for L’s Bait

It was the worst decision he made to accept L’s bait, and the reason behind this was his thinking that no one can outsmart him. He went on killing and believed that no one would ever know who he was doing it.

  1. He had no clue he was wrong all along

He thinks that he is saving the world, but he was turning evil. He eradicates innocent people, dismisses his followers, and even manipulates people for his good.   

  1. Although initially, he was good but later turned bad

It is debatable whether Light was good or not, but he seemed to be. After getting the Death Note, he has lost morality and responsibility.

  1. He would have been on good terms with L

L and Light’s relationship was always dicey. Although L considers Light as his closest friend, Light kills him considering that there is no reason not to. 

  1. He was the only one among the billions of people in the world to receive the Death Note

Ryuk mentioned in the beginning that the Death Note could fall in anyone’s hand, but it was Light’s bad luck to find it.

  1. Unintentionally he puts his family in trouble

He is extremely concerned about his family, but sometimes unknowingly harms them in the worst way possible.

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  1. His father’s death

He was not directly connected to the death of his father, but it was a consequence of his actions. He was devastated.

  1. His death

He meets a tragic end, and during his final breaths, he kept on saying that he did not want to die.

We hope you like these points and if we have missed something then feel free to share your points. Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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