Fans of Sweet Tooth will be puzzled by a Gus detail

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When Netflix’s “Sweet Tooth” first season primarily portrayed a positive post-apocalyptic narrative, it accomplished the impossible. Despite the fact that the series garnered extremely good reviews (it has a 98 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes), there were still elements of the plot that viewers didn’t understand.

“Sweet Tooth” follows a 10-year-old kid called Gus (Christian Convery) and his hesitant companion, Jeppard (Nonso Anozie), a former bounty hunter/football player, as they travel through a post-apocalyptic America in quest of the little boy’s mother ten years after “The Great Crumble.”

Gus is one of the numerous hybrid children born at the same time when a deadly illness destroyed the population, making their trip more difficult. Many people assume the children are to blame because of the timing of the virus and the births of the half-human/half-animal offspring, and they are frequently gathered up by hunters.

Gus was reared in the woods as a result, with just his adoptive father Pubba (Will Forte) to care for him. This led to some naivete on his side, but other admirers believe the little youngster is still too impetuous and infantile for his age. J Arriola was one of numerous fans that commented on Reddit regarding Gus’ conduct during Season 1.

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Fans of Sweet Tooth are divided on how mature Gus should be in Season 1 of the show.

Other fans, on the other hand, were eager to support Gus. After all, he’d lived his entire life alone, with just his Pubba for company. He also had to exist alone for a year before meeting Jepp, which required a certain amount of survival skills. His main flaws are his inability to communicate with others and his tendency to trust much too quickly, both of which can be traced back to his childhood.

Similarly, children age at various rates, so just because Gus is ten doesn’t imply he’s as sophisticated as 10-year-olds who grew up in a social environment and had a formal education. Johannablaise, a Reddit member, said, “Problem solving and critical thinking are both taught in schools. At school, socialising with classmates teaches impulsivity and communication.

Even when they attend regular school, some ten-year-olds are not as mature as other ten-year-olds. He was irritating, but credible.”

While it may be aggravating to witness Gus risking everyone’s safety to look for his plush toy Dog on a guarded train or cross a dangerous bridge, these actions do not always indicate that he is immature. It’s more that he’s still trying to figure out how the world works and what risks are acceptable. Finally, the fan community appears to be split on whether Gus’ attitude is genuine, but since his naïve optimism is such an important element of the tale, it’s difficult to envision him any other way.

Given how Season 1 concluded, fans of “Sweet Tooth” may receive their wish for a more grown and toughened Gus in Season 2.

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