Fans of The Good Doctor shouldn’t expect resolutions from last season any time soon


The two-part finale of the third season of The Good Doctor contained some extreme highs and lows, with a major death as well as a big step forward in a relationship. Dr. Melendez, who had sustained injuries during the earthquake died from them. Meanwhile, Shawn kissed Lea after nearly escaping death.

However, executive producer David Shore has revealed that fans, who have been waiting for resolutions for the last seven months, should prepare for the fact that they won’t get any early in Season 4.

The Good Doctor, like many other medical dramas returning this fall, will be addressing the coronavirus pandemic and David Shore explained why to TV Insider, “The very dramatic things and big questions about where we’re going to go from here got eclipsed by the real world. [First a two-parter] taking place over the days, weeks and months that we’ve all been dealing with this and portraying how everything changed [will air].”

The show was one of the very few broadcast network shows that managed to end the 2019-2020 season as was intended. Production on the last few episodes was completed before the lockdown came into effect, shutting down the entire entertainment industry. It was fortunate for fans of the show that the finale did not end on a massive cliffhanger that needs to be addressed as soon as Season 4 begins.

Freddie Highmore, star of The Good Doctor, explained the objective of focusing on the pandemic at the beginning of the show, “We’ll do our best to pay tribute to our real heroes by reflecting their experiences as best we can”. And if the premier has the high ratings that the Season 3 finale did, it is quite likely that a lot of people will be able to watch this tribute.

However, this does not mean that the aftermath of Melendez’s death and Shawn and Lea’s relationship will not be addressed at all. The two came together after three difficult seasons and the pandemic might be putting them on hold for a bit but it’s not permanent!

Luckily, the long wait for the new season is almost over. Season 4 premieres on 2 November, Monday, 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


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