‘Fargo’ Recap: My Brother’s Keeper

‘Fargo’ Recap: My Brother’s Keeper
‘Fargo’ Recap: My Brother’s Keeper

Raddoppiarlo sees a family tension build for the Faddis

Inspired by the Coen Brother’s 1996 film of the same title, Fargo is a crime anthology series that follows different stories that are set in different, time, era and location with new characters and cast members in every season.

Season 4 sees two crime families, a Black and an Italian butting heads with each other in 1950, Kansas City.


The episode begins with Timothy Olyphant who is playing U.S. Marshal Dick “Deafy” investigating Zelmare and Swanee’s prison escape and comes to the conclusion that the two might be taking shelter at Zelmare’s sister’s home.

And much to his assumption, he is correct. The two are hiding at the Smutnys. When Dick begins questioning Dibrell and Ethelrida of Zelmare’s whereabouts, the duo lurk out in the hall. 

On the other side, the Fadda brothers Josto and Gaetano wrestle to take control of the family affairs. Josto is fixated on Doctor Harvard whereas Gaetano takes on the steering wheel of affairs when he sends Constant Calamita and Rabbi Milligan to assassinate Lemuel, Loy Cannon’s son without Josto’s approval.

Despite residing as the current Family boss, Josto feels insecure about his seat since his brother comes across as the more reliable, Italian rooted boss with connections. However, despite all the attributes suited to make the best leader, he does not come across as the most threatening figure.

This rivalry sets the tone for a civil war that is soon to come among the Faddas as even Rabbi takes a grasp of the situation and calls off the hit on Lemuel which lands him in Gaetano’s crosshairs. 

In the meantime, Zelmare and Swanee rob one of Cannons money drop which further angers the Cannons. Loy Cannon teaches his son Lemuel about the importance of money who seems uninterested by the whole family business. 

Thus, to put it simply, as the title of the episode suggests, Raddoppiarlo which means “double it” in Italian, in all its essence and glory sees the third episode more grande and more chaotic than its predecessors in the premiere. 


In the lead of this particular season, Chris Rock is seen playing the role of Loy Cannon. Playing the Fadda brothers, Josto and Gaetano are Jason Schwartzman and Salvatore Esposito respectively. Justified actor Timothy Olyphant stars as Dick “Deafy” Wickware.

Jessie Buckley stars as Oraetta Mayflower. Rabbi Milligan is played by Ben Whishaw whereas Jack Hudson portrays Odis Welf. Thurman Smutney is portrayed by Andrew Bird. 


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