The famous crime series on FX just completed its season 4. It was a thriller as usual but what was confusing was the fact that who was the man who dies at the front porch of a house and does Mike from season 2 come back at the end? We have the answer to the question you must be dying to know about. 


As happens in the final scenes in the end credits of season 4, we see a young boy watch his father die after he has been stabbed by a fugitive. The young boy well actually is Mike and the man who dies is his father Chris. The season 4 was a back story of Mike Milligan and many fans did not know this and thus the confusion was created.

Season 4 tells us the real name of Mike Milligan which is Satchel Cannon son of Chris Rock’s Loy Cannon. The final scene of season 4 explains why Satchel became Mike because as a child he saw his father die in an unpleasant manner and thus entered the world of crime. 

The character of Mike Milligan was played by Bokeem Woodbine in season 2 and in the final end credits scene he returns in season 4 even though most of the fans were in doubt how season 3 and 4 were related. Now that the doubt has been cleared it is only natural to wonder that will there be a season 5 which will show Satchel’s transformation into Mike? What are your guesses?


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