Fast And Furious 9: Another Shot To Speed Is Back Again


Hello folks! I’m sure you are here to read about one of the biggest celebrated franchises worldwide Fast & furious. I’m sure this movie got all the fans from Teenage to senior citizens. We will definitely be able to watch our legend Vin diesel as the prime lead along with other important casts. The makers have officially announced the franchises to emerge within a year.

Fast cars, machine guns, we have seen a lot from this franchise. The quick and livid action sequences have helped the movie to attract all the audiences along with the highest earnings. Just like all other movies, this action-packed adventure is also a victim of pandemic lockdown and crisis happening throughout the world.

 It’s coming out with a label F9 instead of livid and quick. This movie will be directed by famous director Justin Lin along with Brian Tyler appointed as song manager. There are many new exciting characters that are included for this installment and make more impact on racing arenas. As per the inner sources, this new sequel will be launched in mid-2021, approximately by April month.

The movie sequences have been shot in different locations such as London, Los Angeles, Thailand, Georgia, etc. The shoot was started in 2019, however, officials reported that the movie will not be able to release by May 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation. Although we are sad that our fans have to wait a little bit longer, this decision is made considering the safety of every fan.

Fast And Furious 9: Another Shot To Speed Is Back Again


The franchisee characters have joined hands with new members also hinting the come back if old characters back to the field. Vin diesel will perform as Dom, Chris Ludacris as Tej, Roman will be played by Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez will play as Letty. The members of peaky binders will also step in the shoes of this franchise, Finn Cole, Anna Sawai, Vinnie Bennet along with our WWE superstar Jooooohn Ceeeeena! Well, sorry, Lil bit carried away with the excitement. It’s John Cena ladies and gentlemen. The trailer is out.

Plot :

As per our inner sources and trailer, we got to know about the intention of Dominic Toretto and his crew will join hands against the machine murderer. This movie will have high octane action sequences along with race. They are part of a team to tackle the murderer they encountered his spouse. Rest, let’s take a breather and wait for more Leaks to announce it for you.

That’s the story about the biggest franchise, ladies and gentlemen. Please stay tuned with us for more true updates of Fast and furious sag


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