Fast And Furious 9 – Han Came Back After Dying!


One second, what, how is it possible for a human to reprise their role in the upcoming series if that one died in the previous series. Hello Readers! Glad to have you back in the land of the living and seriously happy to see you safe! Today, we’ll alive the dead people. Isn’t it quite terrible and amusing?                                        

F9 is a brand spanking upcoming American action film directed by Justin Lin and scripted by Daniel Casey. It’s the sequel of 2017’s The Fate of The Furious and starring Vin Diesel, John Cena, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron, and so on.

The movie was firstly released in 2020 but due to the ongoing scenario, the release date has been rescheduled to 2nd April 2021. As the release of the movie is quite far, so till then, you can check out its trailer!

Han Lue, those who watch its previous series will definitely know who is he!

He is the one who performed the role in Fast and Furious, Fast Five, F6 and F9 but the former two were take place before the Japan-set installment. In F6, it was revealed that Han was died due to the Tokyo drift and in F7 also we saw his role as they find their dead body to retrive his body back to Los Angeles for burial.

From F7, everyone thinks that Han was died and now we wouldn’t be able to watch him in the forthcoming series. 

But wait buddies, directors are amazing and can script anything which wonders the viewers. In the forthcoming Fast and Furious 9, Han is revealed to be alive, somehow having survived Deckard Shaw’s attack in Tokyo and rejoining the fighting team against Dom’s brother and Jacob.

The role of Han Lue is performed by Sung Kang and now we can’t trust Han, maybe this time he will in the favour of Hobbs and Shaw’s Villains. Directors also have to give some statement about his resurrection without being silly otherwise their fans must ne disappointed.  

Hence, stay tuned and connected and whenever we get any comments on Han’s resurrection, we’ll be the first to tell you!


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