Fast and Furious 9 star thought the space twist was a joke.

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Fast & Furious 9 kept teasing us that it was going to go into space, and while it seemed like a reasonable next step for a brand that was so over-the-top with its action as more films were released, we didn’t know if it was going to be done. However, now that the movie came out, we discovered that Tej and Roman went into space, and we praised it in our review.

We’re not the only ones who believed the space issue to be just a joke since Tyrese remembered it was just too much and attempted to switch her place on the set with someone else. Naturally, his thinking has now altered about it.

Source: Digital Spy

In Vulture’s speech, the actor said: “I first did a chuckle, then again I chuckled. Then I must have asked them, have they been serious? Then I requested them. It was like, “Come on, people, it’ll be as horrible as it’ll be.”

“I began advocating for Ludacris to go to space with his counterpart Nathalie Emmanuel as when I discovered how serious they were. Because I’ve been thinking these folks usually speak of gadgets and computers, and I don’t do that.

“Then, dude, they just shut it down, and I just let it do what it does.

“And now my phone gets insane, not only because we are outdoors, but because of what I said and did when I went outdoors. So for a reason, they do the large dollars. They know more than I do.”

Not surprisingly, the picture was good at the box office and broke the record for a pandemic-era film. In UK and US movies is now out Fast & Furious 9.

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