Fast and Furious 9 – Tenth and the Final One!


Who doesn’t know about an American Thriller, Fast and Furious! The plot of many illegal street racing, heists, and spies already have a large audience on its side. The exciting fact is it is a commercially successful Universal’s biggest media franchise based on action movies and occupied the tenth position worldwide with an unbelievable profit of almost $5.8 billion.  

 These series are written by Chris Morgan and directed by James Wan. The first film of this franchise was launched in 2001 and this franchise also includes live shows, video games, and short films. 

Storyline Of the Season

As the previous series named “The Fate Of The Furious” hits the box office in The United States and Canada by the gross income of $226 million, and much more. So, now it’s time for the airing of F9 (Fast and Furious 9).    

From the sources, we got the insider story that this season is consists of two part-finale and its second season will be the end of the session. Its trailer was also launched on 31st January which gives us a brief sketch about the plot. This time everyone’s favorite character John Cena will be playing a badass character, Dom is going to confront all his sins and the best racing will be seen in this season to all. We don’t assume more by the trailer but whatever the story will be it will definitely take everyone’s heart as the previous series.    

Fast and Furious 9 – Tenth and the Final One!

Release Date 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the hugely populated series would be delayed for a year. In the US and UK, this movie will be installed on April 2, 2021. We assume that this part will fulfill the promise to Paul Walker. So, don’t worry and stay connected with us, and we will update you from time to time with the correct information soon.


In the upcoming season, most of the faces are same as the previous one like;                   

 Vin Diesel will play the role of Dominic Toretto as a criminal and a professional street racer  Michelle Rodriguez will play the role of Letty Ortiz as Dom’s wife          

Chris Ludacris Bridges will play the role of Tej Parker as a mechanic    

Tyrese Gibson will play the role of Roman Pearce another criminal with many more.                                                                                                           

Interestingly, Jordana Brewster who was missing in the previous season will also come in the upcoming season playing the role of Dom’s sister Mia, who is married to Brian and settled.

 Hence, this time also they will touch everyone’s heart by their actions and dialogues.


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