FAST AND FURIOUS 9: The Race Is Back on Track! All the Information and Updates


The ultimate action-packed and thriller movie series Fast and Furious was first released back in the year 2001 which gets a very huge response from its audience that was all set to be released with its 9 installments this year. 

Fast and Furious movies have been created by Garry Scott Thompson. The fast and furious 9 is an American action movie written by Danny Cassey and is directed by Justin Lin the upcoming movie series is just like the older ones which are based on action and thriller performed by its characters which mainly highlights robberies, racing, and illegal activities.

Release Date 

It was first released by the makers that film is all set to hit the floor in the year 2020 but however, due to worsening condition of the pandemic the release date of the movie has been shifted to the next year in April so now the official release would be in April 2021. 

However, watching the trailer of the movie it looks like that the movie will have action scenes just like the previous one that had won the hearts already.So, viewers, for now its worth waiting for final release. isn’t it?

FAST AND FURIOUS 9: The Race Is Back on Track! All the Information and Updates

The Cast Of The Film 

It is quite obvious from watching the trailer that the movie will witness the Heroics of popular WWE superstars John Cena. However, the cast will also include Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordan Brewsters. Nathalie Emmanuel, Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron and Chris Ludacris Bridges. The role of  Han Seoul will be played by Sung Kang. The most character loved played by Dwayne rock Johnson will not be seen in these installments. Rock used to play the role of a cop in the movies. It will be a surprise to the audience by not watching him in the movie.  There might be a  possibility that something is been cooking between Vin Diesel and John Cena.

Will This Be The Last Movie?

Well the makers have officially confirmed that this might not be the last movie of the fantastic franchise and it will have a total of 10 parts .however the title of the movie has not been disclosed yet.

What’s Going To Happen And How Is Han Back To Life?

The story moved around the characters of Jakob and brother Dom in which Jakob is very jealous of dom and is overshadowed under him, so Jakob does all moves to become better than Dom. 

This cruelty has been used by the villains in the movie to take revenge from Dom. Talking about Han who was killed in the previous installment of fast and furious: Tokyo it looks like that the story is being not ended here and we could see some more twists and turns. Looking at it completely looks like that the movie will have a blast just like the previous F& F movies.


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