Fast And Furious 9: The Street Racing Is Back On track!


Fast and furious is one of the most famous action thriller movie series that started in 2001 created by Garry Scott Thompson. The series is mainly concerned with street racing, illegal activities, heists, spying. There are around 8 parts of the film being released and the ninth part was about to come.

Release Date Of The Film

The original release date of the film was scheduled on February 1, 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release was postponed to 2021. The creators of the show have announced that the film is expected to hit the theatres on 31 April 2021. The creators of the show have revealed that there will be a total of 10 parts of the Fast and furious series. The tile for the last part is not decided yet.

The cast of the film

There will be new players entering the film including the intro of Jakob Toretto which was Dominic’s brother played by John Cena. The latest cast also includes Michael Rooker, Francis Ngannou, Cardi B, Finn Cole, Ozuna, Anna Sawai, and Vinnie Bennett. The Most beloved Actor of the series Dwayne Jhonson is not the part of the film. Some say Dwayne not being the part of the film was because of something secret going on between John Cena and Vin diesel. The other cast includes Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Charlie Theron. The character of Han Seoul will be played by Sung Kang.

Fast And Furious 9: The Street Racing Is Back On track!

What’s Going To Happen And How Han Is Back To Life?

The story is concerned with the same action scenes, thefts, spying with plenty of explosives and helicopters in it. It revolves around Jakob and his brother Dom, showing the tension between the relation of both and how Jakob lived in the shadow of Dome to become better than him. This inferiority of Jakob is used by villains to finish off Dom, and Jakob is very much happy to do so. Speaking to Han, he first appeared in the F&F Tokyo drift and was killed at the end of the movie, but we see him come back to life in F9’s trailer. 

There could be many explanations such that the person might not be Han but a look-alike to him, or he could have survived at the end of Tokyo drift. So, the trailer ended with great suspense and mystery which increased the hype to watch the film.

What after Fast and furious 9?

Fast and furious series producer Neal Mortiz has claimed that there will be one more film i.e. a tenth part which has not been titled yet. But that would be the end of the series. Considering the same, it is certainly expected by fans that the final series will bring in the highlights of all the previous series and come to an end with an amazing storyline.

So, fans, its worth waiting for the final fast and furious this time. So stay with us for getting all the recent developments on the way of thrilling series.


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