Fast & Furious 9 All Leaks & News About Airing, Cast, Storyline? And How Han Is Back to Life?


Hello folks! Yes! We all gathered here to know about the surprise hint Fast and furious 9 gave us in trailer.

It was difficult to digest that. Isn’t it?

 F9, officially titled movie gave us an amazing trailer with better visual effects, cars, racing, spectacular action. Han was everybody’s favorite character in this biggest franchise. However, we watched him being murdered by Jason Statham causing a car crash. Sung Kang made his comeback after several seasons and this made the whole world go gaga about the new installment of fast and furious.

 I would say franchise played very smart move to fill the shoes of Paul walker. Unfortunately, Paul is not with us anymore. Han lately performed in Tokyo drift and took a break after his death. Later in sixth installment it was revealed that Jason, brother of luke Evans Owen Shaw was the reason behind his death. 

A lot has progressed so far after fast and furious six. We are standing at nine and we almost saw all the possible super stars in this biggest franchise. There was a split to Hobbs and shaw and franchise would love to take it to another level by carrying it as a different franchise. The rock who was a cop in Fast and furious series will team up with Jason Statham for more action and drama.

Fast & Furious 9 All Leaks & News About Airing, Cast, Storyline? And How Han Is Back to Life?

Although, it’s too early to judge if the real Han is back or not. Well, it could be someone with a different identity with same face. Hobbs and shaw main negative character Brixton made his way back to fast and furious saga. This changed the whole concept of villain because he was more of a machine than a human. He had his genetic upgrade and which made fans more eager about his surrender to the real heroes of the show. 

A mysterious organization named Eteon was hinted in the movie. Probably, that’s the place we get human upgrades. All we could see is our villain communicating to someone and taking his orders.Fast and furious surely made a development by using a rocket installed car, parachute dives and upgraded human versions. It is almost touching the Sci-fi territory now. We are yet to confirm what exactly helped Hans recovery after the tragic explosion. 

We certainly get to see our WWE super star John Cena joining the cast and crew of this biggest franchise. They have surprised all the fans by bringing unexpected star casts. Fans have been asking for justice for hand for long time in our social media and now they have managed to serve happy news to all fans. There would be a possible collaboration of Hobbs and Shaw in Tenth installment and we just can’t wait to watch that in a single screen.

That’s a lot about F9. We are bringing you more news to all three fans around the world. We are excited too. 

Stay tuned with us for more updates. 



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