Fast & Furious 9: More Over The Top Action, Trailer, And What Fans Want!


Whenever you think of action movies one of the first names that come to mind is Fast & Furious Franchise. Fast & Furious Franchise has been around since 2001 and has gained a lot of success so fans are eagerly waiting for the next movie which will be Fast & Furious 9. So when can we expect the movie to come? Let’s find out!

The 9th part of The Fast & Furious Franchise will be written by Daniel Casey and it will be the 1st film since Fast & Furious 2 to not be written or co-written by Chris Morgan. The director of Fast & Furious 3 to Fast & Furious 6 Justin Lin will return and will be the director for the next installment. The movie was originally scheduled to release this year on May 22 but the release was postponed due to COVID-19 the makers have since announced a different release date and the movie will now release on April 2, 2021

 What Will We See This Time?

As we all know it’s hard to make a sequel since people are always expecting more and sometimes it’s hard to deliver. Fast & Furious Franchise has done a great job to take it to the next level with every new movie and has always made fans happy. We will see a lot of new things this time as well which left you amazed and shocked. It is believed that they will do things differently this time since Dwayne Johnson won’t be a part of this movie, he has played a major character Luke Hobbs since Fast & Furious 5. He and Vin diesel butted head against in Fast & Furious 8 so this doesn’t seem to be a surprise.

Fast & Furious 9: More Over The Top Action, Trailer, And What Fans Want!

Also, there have been rumors that this might be part 1 of the finale of the main storyline of The Fast & Furious Franchise and the final part will be Fast & Furious 10. Hobbs and Shaw will have more parts as it is a spin-off of the main story.

What Is The Expectation Of Fans In This Part?

The fans always expect to get awed when they go to watch a Fast & Furious movie and they will expecting it more this time because this might be part 1 of the finale for the main storyline. We will hopefully see over the top action like in every other part and who knows maybe someone will go to space this time. We will hope that the movie finale will do justice to the whole series and will be a treat for fans around the world. 


Although the movie is set to release in April 2021 due to the delay the trailer has already been released. The trailer was released back in January in anticipation of a May release. You can watch it right now on YouTube!

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