During our childhood, Santa Claus was someone who came on his fief with a number of presents for us. The fat red robed guy in a white beard.

He was the most awaited person on Christmas night. He is loved by kids a lot. But what if Santa turns out to be a life savior and a common man to you and us?   


Mel Gibson is known for his action genre and has featured in movies like Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, and an Oscar-winning movie Brave Heart. It is a bit unexpected but Gibson is all set to play Santa Claus in the new movie Fatman.

Now this Santa Claus is quite different from the usual ones. In this movie, Santa Claus is shown as a failing businessman who is desperately trying to bring joy to the children around the world.

Fatman Santa Claus

It would be quite funny for the fans to see a calm and composed figure like Santa fight and assassin. 

The trailer of this unique movie has been released by Saban Films on youtube on 7th October 2020 and has got 58k plus views in just 21 hours. So as of now, it is receiving a lot of love from the viewers. 

It will be interesting to see Santa’s upgraded version. The fans are super excited about the new movie and just can’t wait to see their star in Santa’s getup. What do you think about this new version of Santa Claus? Do share your views with us till the next time we see you with us.



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