FBI To Delve ‘Deliberate Attack’ After Vote Dropbox Fire Outside Boston Public Library


The FBI plans to search what shows to be an intentional attack after a vote drop-off box outside the main branch of the Boston Public Library was set on fire early on week-end. 

The fire was set at roughly 4 a.m. at the ballot dropbox. It is placed outside of the Boston Public Library Main Branch in Copley Square. The dropbox has last been vacant by the Boston Elections Department on Saturday. 

An initial list of candidates by the Boston Elections Department showed there were more than 100 voters inside the scorch dropbox when it was vacant this morning. 87 of which were readable. And make it possible to process. 

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin stated in a statement he has connected U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling’s office. Interrogated that the FBI search what shows to be a deliberate attack.

Galvin expressed voters may course their voters at www.TrackMyBallotMA.com to make sure about the receipt. The Boston elections department forced those who are not able to make sure their voter status via the website.

People have used the Copley Square dropbox between 2.30 p.m. and 4 a.m. regarding Saturday and Sunday. These timings are to contact them. 

The voters who are affected will be mailed a successor voter by the City of Boston. It will have the option for featuring that changes ballot personally. If any affected voter does not give in to a new voter. Their real voter will be counted to the area feasible. 

Here what occurs in the early hours to the voter dropbox in Copley Square is a scandal to democracy. A contempt to the voters covering their voices heard in all the election. Each and every. 


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