Feel Good Season 2 Latest Updates


People who have the darkest life and have gone through immense pain in life make the best comedian. Brilliant humor and comedy are usually done by the saddest people. An addict and one of the best comedians Mae Martin are known to express her feelings beautifully for her partners. She is the creator of British comedy-drama ‘Feel Good’ based on her life which showed its first episode on channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 18th March 2020 followed by all six episodes. It was internationally distributed by Netflix on 19th March 2020. Joe Hampson had co-written the drama.

With twenty-two critics review and a 100% rating the series scored 8.3 out of ten on Rotten Tomatoes which is an excellent score as far as performance is concernedWith such a huge fan following and appreciation season two was bound to trigger. Considering the current pandemic situation of coronavirus where everything is put on hold till an indefinite date, we can expect a delay in the second series of Feel Good too. As of now, there is nothing which is public through any mode which talks about the release date of season 2.

Feel Good Season 2 Latest Updates

 But the writer-creator Mae Martin is excited and goes buff in saying that she has many more stories to tell and anything could happen. If there is a season 2 what we can expect from the show is entertainment. Similar to the prelude of the series there would be theories and taboos shown followed by society and how the journey continues breaking and dealing with them. The bond between Mae and George could blossom while going through ups and downs. Mae’s daughter might also be seen in season two. Well, all these are speculations though. 

We saw an excellent cast in season one and there is a possibility of them to be in season two as well. There will be Mae Martin as Mae, Charlotte Richie as George, Phil Burgers as Phil as the story takes off from the end of the last season. Fresh new faces too cannot be denied as part of the cast.

Till we get to hear more from the makers, stay safe.!


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