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Many spokespeople have come into the zeitgeist from the Marlboro Man to the Flo from Progressive to market a good. Such renown inspired one of the newest mockumentaries to make their way into the “John Bronco” streaming globe. The 38-minute comedy tries to look like him and divine the fictitious tale of the man who would go to sell the Ford Broncos’ mountains. But, unfortunately, John, played by comedic veteran Walton Goggins, probably doesn’t exist.

Reporters had the opportunity to interview Goggins about his part in the strange comedy, and he had to say this about the role: “I’m not a pretty cool person. I’m an honest man. I can be hilarious. I can be humorous. However, I’m kind of serious more often than not. And this is not John. This is not John. He’s a good man, but he’s a fairly cool guy.” Goggins created such a fascinating character that you would like to watch a whole series just on John Bronco by the end of it.

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You should be able to spring straight into the insanity of ‘John Bronco’ when you are a fan of some weird productions that have come out of Adult Swim, such as ‘Too Many Cooks.’ It chronicles the pitcher who, after winning the 500 in Mexico, became an icon of Ford. His famous speech attracted a nation’s attention and became the symbol of the American ideal. There is, of course, also a dark side to this tale, like all excellent upcoming success stories. But the laughter from the spectators in their homes never gets that dark.

Director Jake Szymanski has a great deal to exploit each last ounce of comedy gold, as his past mockeries such as “7 Days in Hell” have demonstrated. Maybe one of the best moments in the film comes in the false publicity when John Bronco makes a white Ford Bronco commercial and says he’s proud to associate the car with him. It serves the historic O.J. Simpson automobile pursuit as a subtle node and has led the police in a white Bronco around the Los Angeles freeways.

Whether you love your car or not, you will find lots of fun in this delightful comedy. Critics such as Karen Han of Polygon, who stated, “Any cylinders in John bronco feature fully the charisma presented in Goggins’ earlier work—the part requires grins, winks, whips, and Goggins are all the masters.” He received a great many praises. Its short length means that during your lunch break, you can giggle. Therefore you can not neglect this treasure.

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