Finally, Loki’s Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Are In

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At the time of writing, the official Rotten Tomatoes score for Marvel’s Loki episode 1 was 100 percent. The particular score of Loki’s first episode, “Magnificent Purpose,” is a wonderful compliment to the overarching storyline score, which is also confirmed new on Rotten Tomatoes at 97 percent. The reactions of Marvel fans to the Loki premiere seemed to imply that fans are as pleased with the program as reviewers are. All of this starts to add up to some other significant triumph for Marvel Studios and its new Disney+ TV endeavour, as well as the wider MCU brand to come.

Loki’s Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Loki’s first episode:

What to Watch applauds Loki’s debut for making the bizarre introduction and world-building of the Marvel Multiverse enjoyable and palatable:

“While there was plenty of fun to be had from the show, the major focus of the premiere is on getting all of the exposition out of the way in some of the most pleasurable possible way. We understand the necessary concepts of time travel within this world, the core concepts as to how things function only at TVA, the difference between such a Nexus and a Variant, and somebody is killing Minutemen members…

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Loki has lofty goals. It’s almost as though it’s laden with wonderful purpose. Here’s hope the series learns from Loki and recalls that the huge doesn’t important if the tiny isn’t there”

Raising Whasians compared Loki from its counterparts WandaVision as Well as the Falcon and also the Winter Soldier, deeming Loki the Marvel Disney+ lineup’s “X factor”:

“This storyline had a lot of talk, which was preferable to the cheesy sitcom vibe of ‘WandaVision,’ but it wasn’t as aggressive as ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.’ However, I like Loki’s faster narrative pace, which keeps viewers intrigued from episode to episode…

Loki is the “x” factor character that Marvel fans are cheering for. With so many factors at play and unknown ways in which this six-episode program may go, it’s fascinating to expect the unexpected from our favorite Marvel villain. There’s a story, a heart, action, and nostalgia.”

Finally, The Verge reports that Loki’s brilliantly strange approach had a significant impact:

Loki, unlike WandaVision, demonstrates that there is plenty of potential for experimentation within the limitations of the MCU.

So there you have it: Marvel fans have every reason to go see Loki on Disney+. Flickering Myth, on the other hand, wonders if “this is too deep down the MCU rabbit hole for casual viewers to grasp?”

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