Find out about the actress in the Expedia commercial

Source: Looper

Even though you may be constantly surrounded by people either in the offline mode or online, sometimes you are bound to feel a little lonely. In fact, even surrounding yourself with new trends, influencer, and the media can be overwhelming for your mental health, especially when things go on the wrong side.

This has been the main focus theme for Expedia which has recently been winning customers over in their new All By Myself commercial. They make sure that you would never have to spend your time alone as Expedia would always be by your side. They show this with the airtime analogy wherein the main woman misses her flight by seconds.

Source: Adweek

Now, she is made to be put on hold and in no time, she finds herself lonely in a sea of busy people who are trying their best to be fully prepared to catch up their flight or being involved in something else. The woman soon loses hope but a celebrity comes into the picture singing All By Myself and helps her to figure out her journey. The celebrity jut acts like a reliable service which is always there to support you even if you are functioning all by yourself.

Now, the main question is about the actress in the commercial. Some of you may already know who she is from her roles in The Office, Parks and Recreation, and her recent work in Rashida Jones. Her career spans back in 1997 and you may have likely seen her in movies like Tag, I Love You, man, and Celeste & Jesse Forever.


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