Fire Force Season 2 released amid Pandemic


A totally different universe with a completely distinct fanbase, anime shows have garnered a lot of accolades over the past couple of decades. There have been few additions that soon lost the effect. Among new freshly launched shows, we have landed up on a show that has become the audience’s absolute favourite. We are talking about the Fire Force show. 

Fire Force season 1 garnered a lot of accolades all across the globe. The fans were not able to contain their excitement and in no time, they started demanding the next season. The season 2 launched on July 3, Friday. The brand-new season said to have new allies with new enemies and a totally new story line. We aren’t sweating about the quality of the content. 

Fire Force Season 2 released amid Pandemic

How the show copped out of the pandemic situation: 

 To everyone’s surprise, the show was released on the date it was announced. Many popular banners delayed the release but the makers of the show decided to go with the same. The reason behind the same is considered to be the preparations that were complete way before the pandemic could hit. The makers revealed that there were few tweaking and adjustments left that was soon met by the overly hard-working team. 

The release of Fire Force season 2 has helped to turn down the ongoing tension created by the pandemic. We are anticipating that the recently aired anime drama would be the biggest release of the year. It is speculated to garner great fan following. 

The popularity of the first season and the release of season two is indicating that the OTT platforms might dubb the Fire Force for a global release. 



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