First photo of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3 is out!!


The fandom of Marvel Cinematic Universe is more than eager to jump back in with phase Four and plenty of highly anticipated movies are in the line, one of which would be Jon Watt’s third Spider-Man movie.

Fans are over the top excited to find out what happened to Tom Holland’s character after the twist presented to them at the end of Far From Home. And the good news is that work has already begun with Holland’s photo revealed from the set and guess what, it is typical 2020!

Tom Holland was able to suit back up as Peter Parker after having appropriate health protocols and testing. He directly switched to the set of Spider-Man 3 from the work of Uncharted that was currently in hand and his photo with the iconic Spider-Man face mask just blew up the net.

Moreover, it wasn’t just this safety precaution that was carried out by the 24-year-old actor. In fact, Tom Holland was wearing another face mask during the production of the movie along with the one that was a part of his Spider-Man’s costume.

The image that is out on Tom Holland’s Instagram is thrilling and fans cannot wait any longer to witness the third movie of Spider-Man in the MCU.


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