Flash and its dark history

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A significant component of superheroic mythos is the “no killing” rule. Most superheroes make a promise never to take a life using their powers, regardless of provocation. This helps separate the heroes from those who take lives for what they see as the greatest good. The Flash was always a deadly righteous hero who never murders only once to settle his issues. The Scarlet Speedster takes the final move against his arch adversary, the “Reverse- Flash” in the 1983 storey arc “The Flash Trial.” Barry’s new fiancé, Fiona Webb, has now been murdered by Reverse-Flash and wants to kill Iris.

Barry’s apocalyptic causes. Watching the world around him in upheaval, Barry realises that when he travelled back in time, he produced this condition of events to avoid the killings of his mother. It is then Barry’s turn to reset the timeline to what was happening, even if it breaks him apart inside. His mom must die so long as the world does not collapse into chaos and Barry can’t make any difference.

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The Black Flash acts in DC lore as the Grim Reaper of the Speed Force, whose mission is to reach speedsters in the moments before they die and to reassert them. Consequently, there have been confrontations with Black Flash between numerous speedsters, including Barry Allen, Wally West, and Johnny Quick.

There is an unwritten rule that the loved ones of a superhero are usually shielded from damage, although often they are at risk. The Reverse-Flash was born in 1963 and is named for Eobard Thawne. While his origins and connections with the Flash have evolved, he comes from the future in most accounts. That means that he knows the whole history and the people he loves, his Flash’s secret identity. It’s Reverse-Flash that takes time back to kill the mother of Barry, Nora, when Barry is a kid.

With that being said, there are more such dark truths about Flash, but for that, you will have to watch it with full attention to point out all these various loopholes.

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