For its “powerful” premiere, the ITV drama Stephen starring Steve Coogan has received great reviews.


Following its “powerful” premiere on ITV on Monday, Steve Coogan’s new drama, Stephen, has received a lot (August 30). Sharlene Whyte (Small Axe) takes up Marianne Jean-role Baptiste’s as Stephen’s mother Doreen, while Hugh Quarshie (Holby City) reprises his role as Stephen’s father Neville in the three-parter.

On April 22, 1993, Stephen was killed in a racially motivated attack as he was waiting for a bus on Well Hall Road, Eltham. Coogan, best known for his role as Alan Partridge, plays DCI Clive Driscoll, who conducted an inquiry that resulted in two of the gang members who assaulted Stephen.

Viewers were quick to praise the writers Frank Cottrell Boyce and Joe Cottrell Boyce, as well as the cast and crew, for their “eye-opening” rendition of the real-life story.

“So far, Stephen Lawrence’s drama has been outstanding.  According to one tweet, “The resilience of the family is astonishing.” Another added: “The acting in #Stephen was superb, especially the performers that played Stephen Lawrence’s parents are very moving.”

A third person added that it is hard to watch it but definitely worth it. Whatever happened is way too hard Stephen and his family deserved much better than what they had. 

When it came time for fans to offer their opinions, they swamped Twitter with them. As a result, it’s getting lots of attention, appreciation and love. It continues to air on ITV.


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