Former Hollyoaks star Parry Glasspool welcomes first child!

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Hollyoaks former star Parry Glasspool is blessed with his first child. Parry Glasspool is best known for his role as Harry Thomson, who died later in the show. He played the role of Harry from 2015 to 2019 before he was killed in the show. Parry announced the news of his first child via social media platform, Instagram. The first child is born with the love of Parry and his fiancé Paije love. A photo was posted by Parry’s fiancé with the newborn clutching her hand – who sports a ‘LOVE’ tattoo across her fingers – alongside Parry’s caption: “OOOOF, FINALLY!”. The same photo was uploaded on both of their Instagram handles indicating the safe arrival of their baby. It’s almost a year since the couple got engaged in July, 2020.

Parry also shared a video at the time of engagement, he showed how he asked Paije to be his fiancé. He tricked her into believing that they were filming a quiz for social media and then popped a question, “Will you marry me?” and it left Paije with a surprise which was added with a lot of tears of joy and a ring which was proposed by Parry while sitting down on one knee.

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Later on, a post came out regarding the baby’s arrival where Paije announced that the couple is expecting a baby. They shared a picture of a scan and the caption read, “Baby Glasspool due June 2021” and as expected the baby did make its physical presence on 28th June, 2021.

The sex and name of the baby is yet to be revealed by the parents of newborn.

Speaking of Harry’s demise on the show, despite him being killed off, the fandom still believes that they might be able to see Parry back on the show after some time and his death will be declared to be fake. With all these speculations by the fans, Parry previously addressed them by saying, “Well, Warren ‘died’ in a fire. So, if he can come back from that without any burn scars, I feel like anything’s possible.”

“It would have to make sense, though. I’m not just saying it to put pressure on the producers and say, ‘Oh yeah, you can bring me back if you want to!’ I’m not one of those guys!

“But if it all made sense and they showed flashbacks of how he got out of it, that’d be cool.” He added.

With a new member in the family now, the fans might get to see him back.

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