Former Mistress of Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel, is studying for the LSAT


The former mistress of Tiger Woods recently shared that she wants to start a new chapter, and now, it seems like she has already started planning to begin a new phase in life. The actress is ready to bury her ten years back affair under the soil and start her career in law. Continue scrolling to find out what Uchitel has to say to the world.

Rachel Uchitel talks about her new beginning!

Recently, Uchitel had an interview with a news website. The 45 years old revealed that she has a funny habit where she suddenly likes to learn something new, and later, she becomes really good at it. She further shared that she is studying for her last LSAT, but she is not sure if she is going to take the exams or not. However, she still has started studying and try to clear the exams and see if she can pass them.

Furthermore, Rachel said that she doesn’t know if she will apply for the law school or what kind of law she will look forward to practice. But she revealed that she is interested in criminal law. She also shared that she has her degree of masters in forensic investigations as well. She did her masters after doing her Celebrity Rehab ten years back. Uchitel further revealed that she is really into criminal justice and forensic sort of stuff.

The Scandal fans also got interested in Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope. she continued that she cannot handle little problems but, she can take big emergencies. Uchitel also added that she is great at crisis. So she believes that she would do a fantastic job at doing stuff like Olivia Pope. 

She also talked about her 8 years old daughter named Wyatt Lily Hahn, who is currently staying with her ex-husband Matt Hahn. Wyatt has not asked her any questions related to her past yet, but Uchitel knows that her daughter is aware of her public image.

Her daughter uses Google and Instagram, so she knows about all the stuff. Uchitel revealed that a commercial on the HBO documentary revealed that her daughter said that she has seen them.


The 45 years old recently participated in the new Tiger documentary, which got released on HBO. The documentary shows the life of the pro golfer Tiger Woods. In the documentary, it is also disclosed that Woods and Uchitel were in a secret relationship while he was still married to Elin Nordegren. The documentary already aired on January 17 on HBO. Check out the sneak peek video to know more about the series.

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