Former Showrunner Removed Shantel VanSanten’s Patty Spivot Early From The Flash Season 2


Everybody recognizes The Boys star Shantel VanSanten, who has also appeared in another TV series. If we take a look back, then it has been five years since she appeared as Patty Spivot in the second season of The CW’s The Flash. She played as the love interest of Barry Allen and Central City Police officers.

Why was the journey of Patty Spivot short in The Flash series?

Patty was a part of Barry’s life, but the character vanished very soon after she arrived in the second season.

Some viewers also felt that it was an abrupt departure of the character. The actress VanSanten revealed in an interview that she knew that Barry and Patty’s relationship in the series was not a long-term thing. From the beginning, she knew that Iris was made for Barry.

Even in the comic books, fans read about Iris and Barry, and they want to see the couple together till the end. VanSanten added that she got an opportunity to be in a few stops of the train ride.

She feels grateful to play the role. She said that they had the best time and it was fun. She disclosed that her time was cut short because of the showrunner of that time.

It happened when the actress got a new role in a new series while she was still working in The Flash Series. She tried to work things out so that she could finish her role in the series, but she was written out of the show by the upset showrunner.

VanSanten said that her time wasn’t supposed to end that quickly. She also had a contract that said she could be a part of the series for the entire season. 

Later on, Andrew Kreisberg, who was the showrunner of season 2, removed VanSanten and the department in November 2017. He got accused of sexual harassment on the show. So now, he is no longer part of the series, and neither is VanSanten.

But now, even if the new creators decide to bring her back, then it won’t look appropriate for the show because Barry’s life has changed, and now he has a new love interest.

Final Words

Unfortunately, things did not go according to VanSanten’s plans for The Flash series. But she is still friends with the cast of the series. And she feels sad that somebody brought their personal feelings and kicked her out in the middle of the show. Do you think the former showrunner did justice for VanSanten? We will let you know more about The Boys star soon, so stay tuned.


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