Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 introduces all-new weapons.


New weapons are introduced to Fortnite while older ones are banished to the vault, and Chapter Two of season eight is no exception.

As servers go up later today, we’ll have a better idea of what weaponry players will be able to use, according to data miners. There will be enough variation to spice up gameplay from prior seasons. There are at least nine new additions to the arsenal, which means players will have many new weapons to experiment with. This is a complete list of the new weapons added to Fortnite: Chapter Two for Season 8.

The Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle are only two of the new “Otherworldly” weaponry available in the game. Both of these weaponry can be discovered in varying rarities and do greater damage when the barrel is hot, according to their respective descriptions. Additionally, another data miner identified the Sideways Lightblade in the files, a new combat weapon to be discovered. Finally, according to the leaks, a Sideways Scythe weapon will be crafted, but it won’t be available for crafting until later this season.

In addition, the Carnage Symbiote and the Venom Symbiote are mythological weapons based on Marvel characters, respectively. Furthermore, another mythic weapon and minigun have been added, namely Slone’s Burst Assault Rifle and the Boss Minigun. Finally, the Shockwave Launcher, which fires shockwave grenades, is an additional new weapon.

In addition to these, the Shadow Flopper, a new sort of fish that heals players while also putting them in a “ghostly shape,” and the Port-a-Portal, which transports them to “The Sideways,” were discovered. The list released on social media includes two new weapons that data miners have yet to find. 



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