Fortnite’s Battle Bus Now Decked Out In Iron Man’s Red & Gold Armor


This weekend, Fortnite gamers might notice the iconic Battle Bus. Yes, Tony Stark has laid his hands on the vehicle and decked it up with Iron Man’s Red and Gold armor. So this possibly means that the bus will come into action later in this season during the fight against Galactus.

Iron Man has turned the battle bus into a killing machine.

As the seasons have passed, the gamers might have noticed different looks of Fortnite’s Battle Bus in various events. According to the sources, the vehicle might play a role in Chapter 2 Season 4’s storyline.

Fortnite Season 4 features the greatest heroes from Marvel, such as Thor, Groot, Wolverine, and Iron Man, to fight against Galactus, who is all set to consume The Island. 

Over the past seven weeks, the developers have added several new additions, which also includes Tony Stark-themed gadgets. Stark’s recent handiwork has turned into a killing machine that might help the players in the final battle against the villain.

On October 10, the players saw the Fortnight battle bus getting a new set of Iron Man armor and other equipment.

Recently, a Twitter user FireMonkey also posted the leaked images of the Iron Man Battle Bus from various angles. The viewers saw the Battle Bus wearing iconic red and gold plating.

Moreover, few more things were changed on the bus. As per the Fortnite leaker, players will be able to see the Iron Man Battle Bus in the game after October 21.

So until then, the bus will be replaced with the Fortnitemares bus, and the red and gold armor will get added after the event.

The new looks of the bus are simple, but the developer has made the new look of the bus a little beefier than the previous one. Apart from that, certain parts of the Battle Bus will operate just like Iron Man’s suit.

Sounds cool, right? The bus looks ready for the battle after the developer added some heavily metal plating. The players can also use vacuum-esque attachment when the players are fighting the final battle against Galactus. You can check out the pictures of the Battle Bus below.


We are not sure if the Battle Bus will have a significant role in the game. But the bus will certainly look badass in the gameplay. Also, the gamers are not hungry for big updates like an unvaulted weapon or a new location.

Sometimes, the Fortnite players are satisfied with Tony Stark’s work. Below, you can also watch a video posted by a twitter user.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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