Founders of Netflix’s America witnessed George Washington running a chainsaw

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As many truly said, the founders of America witnessed George Washington running a chainsaw. (America’s Netflix Motion Picture currently)

On the 4th of July, Netflix’s incredibly misguided animated adventure America: the Motion Picture has come to unleash a completely funny narration of the Revolutionary War that you’ve never seen before. Would you want to see the George Washington Chain Saw Team with a Thomas Edison lightning shooting? Ready to see Benedict Arnold become a wolf and descend into the…Abe Lincoln? Let’s find out

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The Motion Picture is a whirl of action-packed folly, with Channing Tatum, Will Forte, Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Samberg, Olivia Munn, and Simon Pegg. Written by Archer’s Dave Callaham. Directed by Archer’s Matt Thompson. It is an R-rated frolic that overflows with common and unusual misunderstandings about the history of our nation. IGN talked about this star-studied endeavour and its particular approach to producing insanity to both Thompson and Callaham.

First, the tale of George Washington being Abraham Lincoln’s best friend, and it is just a little concerning that some individuals think this is real or think it is true after the movie, is actually the least stupid misconception of the movie.

“Many things that I think people could accept in this motion picture,” chuckled Thompson, “and one of my favourites and Dave was a long-standing fancy – is that I think people will assume that King James was in power when the colonies started to revolt. It was King George, but it’s fantastic as it simply passes you.” 

“Callaham said, “My approach to writing was, fortunately, minimal research and Matt joined me on his approach to filming. It’s always been the rule. The basic approach to me in writing was that I was just writing from the hip and it will the first thing to remember when I need a terrible person. And so you’re finishing with a King James. And when you need the song, what’s the first American song that springs to mind? For me, that’d be ‘Free Bird.'”

Thompson happily agreed, adding “I’d guess ‘Free Bird’ would be extremely top on the list if a MonkeyConfiguration was for Americans asking what music they’d like to make up our American anthem.”

At one point, Thompson and Callaham played with the notion of somehow booking the movie, to explain why the narrative was delivered in such a nasty way.

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