Four More Shots Please Season 2 Performance Update With Upcoming Season Speculations


Four fashionista friends are back with a new season of Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots Please!’. 

There is something about this show that makes the viewers keep clicking to the ‘next episode’. If you don’t have anything to watch right now and want to try a new show, then head to Amazon Prime, and have an enjoyable experience in this lockdown. It will surely make you munch through the entire season in a night.

How was the performance of the characters in season 2?

The second season was highly demanded by the fans after the fallout of four friends in season 1. Viewers were hooked more on the fabulous outfits from their closets in the previous season. They have returned with excessive make-up and new designer dresses. Let us know if you ever saw them repeating their clothes. In season 2, Damini puts all the guy trouble behind and wants to write a book on a murdered court judge.

On the other hand, Umang is still madly in love with Samara. Meanwhile, Siddhi is tired of traveling on her mother’s money. We don’t know what is going on with Anjana, at one moment she is with her young boyfriend, next she is looking for closure with her ex-husband. However, she was praised for her acting skills in the second season.

Four More Shots Please Season 2 Performance Update With Upcoming Season Speculations

There are some beautiful moments to cherish in the series. However, fans missed the Punjabi side of Umang. She is still the same person who has a child-like nature and is always dancing behind her three millennial friends. Fans can relate to some scenes and have truly developed an affection for these characters.

Milind Soman is aging like a fine wine and with grey hair, he was a feast to the eyes. Apart from that, Neil Bhoopalam, Varun, Prateik, and Simone Singh played their role quite well.

The four flawed women still share their life problems while sitting in the junkyard at the back of Truck Bar. There were occasional comic moments in the show. Writer Devika Bhagat and creator Rangita  Pritish  Nandy tried to highlight the trending subjects in the story, which are issues with sexuality, sexism, freedom of expression, body image, social media trolls, political oppression, infidelity, and parenthood.

The second season is much grander and filmed in Turkey and Udaipur. Besides, the scenes in each episode flow smoothly from one part to another. Four More Shots Please!’ doesn’t rank among the top shows in India, but it is still a one-time watch during the quarantine.

Will there be another season of Four More Shots Please?

Recently, Lisa Ray who plays as Samara, the love interest of Umang, revealed the possibility of season 3. She stated that she has no clue about the upcoming season, and she is living in gratitude for every moment. Currently, she is planning to write as many books as she can.

The second season of Four More Shots Please!’ premiered on April 17, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video. It had 10 episodes of thirty minutes each. If the third part gets renewed, it is predicted to launch sometime in the mid of 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.


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