Four-year-old boy is shot dead and four adults are wounded when gunman barges into Ohio home and opens fire.

Four-year-old boy is shot dead and four adults are wounded when gunman barges into Ohio home and opens fire.

Last Monday a four-year-old boy died in an open fire. According to the reports, a young black male entered in their home which is near the Ohio Pennsylvania border. He entered from the front door at around 2:00 A.M. and started open firing, killing a child and wounded 4 other people.

The boy’s name is Rowan Sweeney who died in his mother’s arm. According to the police, it was a planned shooting and the residents were especially targeted by the gunman.

The investigation that took place after the scene:

According to the investigation, one of the men was shot twice in his head and another man was shot twice in the back. The other two victims were women and they were shot at their legs. According to the police, the two women are in stable condition, but the men are still in critical condition and they are in hospital.

The women are identified as friends of the other two men and the police are still trying to get the link between all four people who were hospitalized. The Police have got the search warrant to check the cell-phones of the two victims to reach their connection with the shooter. The Police have got some leads where they have identified some names whom they will be investigating next in this regard.

Police has also gone through the neighborhood, they said that they have heard the shootings but were not able to see any suspect fleeing the scene. The victims who were shot are Cassandra Mariscola, aged 20; Alexis Schneider, aged 22; Yarnell Green, aged 20; and Andre McCoy, aged 20.

As per the investigation, The police identified that there was no forced entry and before starting the open firing, the gunman has shouted on all the victims. Though the police didn’t release any further reports, they are suspecting it to be related to drugs. They are also in the search of the suspected gunman.

The father of the child who got killed in the open fire has begged the shooter in the media to go to jail and be a man.

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