Friends Reunion – New Story with Old Friends.


Hello Everybody! Friend Reunion of our dreams is going to become a reality soon!              Let’s gather little information about Reunion.                                    

Friends Reunion is a sequel of an American television series, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman and aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, with a bundle of 10 episodes. All the six members of the show Friend will reprise their role in Friends Reunion. This show depicts the friends’ comedic, romantic, and career issues. Almost all have serious kinds of relationships, such as Monica with Richard Burke and Ross with Emily Waltham.


After a lot of rumors, finally, the dream come true. Production was also started but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, everything will stay for a while. Now in an interview held in May, one Hollywood Reporter stated that production will now resume at the end of summers. Hence, there will be official announcements about the release date. But it will reach us soon.

Friends Reunion – New Story with Old Friends.


Since the day of the announcement of the show Friends Reunion, everyone is very curious and excited to watch the show of six blazing stars who will be seen together this time. Its previous show Friend also hits the ground, and now its time for the reunion. 

So, don’t go anywhere we are here to share the best out of best!


This show is going to launch on the HBO Max channel. This reunion does not include any new character said by the director in an interview. Hence, all the characters of a friend will reprise their role in this reunion with more dramatic and fascinating acting and dialogue. Six enlisted characters are;                                                                    

Jennifer Aniston as Rachael Green who plays the role of fashion enthusiast and Monica’s best friend. Courteney Cox as Monica Geller who is a chef having obsessive-compulsive nature. Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay who is a self-taught musician. Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani who is a foodie and struggling actor. Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing who works in a multinational corporation.                                                                                                                   So, stay tuned and connected with us as we will always assure you with reliable information!       



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