Friends Theories that were really far-fetched

Source: Vocal

There’s no doubt in the fact that no matter what, fans are likely to speculate wildly when it comes to such a popular show as Friends. The show does not need any sort of introduction as it can easily pass as a synonym of popular. Okay, I may have over exaggerated but you might have got my point. However, fans do not need to scratch their head to get the most plausible outcome as it is eventually a sitcom which wishes to be funny and simple. No complicated plot twists here.

There have been many outlandish theories we have experience over the years. One of which says that Phoebe is a secret genius. On the other hand, a few fans suggested that Jack Geller isn’t really Monica’s father. There’s no point in going through these fan theories as they are certainly highly far fetched.

Source: Mental Floss

Coming back to a few theories which writers really wanted to stick by. One of which was to portray the notion of “Cheers” to the American audience. This was passed by shooting most of the sequences in the sitcom in the coffee shop. This was the place where you would not just have fun and crack jokes but where you would share your problems about getting a baby, getting fired, getting divorced and what not! Even running from a marriage and starting it all over again!


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