From Attack on Titan to Yuri!!on Ice, 9 Anime With long gaps between releases


Anime fan club, I am sorry, but it seems you will have to keep waiting a bit longer for the sequels of your movies. Here is a list of movies, which will keep you waiting for the next entry in the saga.

First in the list is Yuri!! On Ice, the fans of this film has been kept waiting since 2016 for some engaging content and it still remains uncertain whether a second season will be coming but sources have revealed that a prequel film is well on its way. As such there has been no release date now for the prequel but some of the view that it will manage to come out in 2021. Next is, Attack On Titan in which fans had to wait from 2013 to 2017 for the second season, now with time things got a lot smoother.

Some of the movies in this list are Dragon Ball, which received an addition in 2015 after one in 1997, Inuyasha, Ghost in the Shell, which was pretty consistent in the beginning but now is facing some droughts over time. Mushishi, whose second season released after almost eight years after its first season. Rebuild of Evangelism, fans are still waiting to finish the series. The fourth film in the series has been pushed to 2021, therefore making a nine years gap between two movies. 

Fruits Basket, one of the best selling shojo manga, made its fans wait almost nineteen years for having a glance of its sequel and another one in the list is Berserk, Berserk only has break in between is what its fans say, breaks of years and we don’t like that at all. We wish these animes  give us some things to watch sooner.

What say guys?


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