Gabriel Clark from the Hollyoaks’ wants Ollie Morgan to bring evil Victor down

Courtesy: Yahoo Movies UK

Gabriel Clark, the star of the Hollyoaks who plays Ollie Morgan, called on “take down” the evil drug king Victor.

As the soap tale continues to unfold in the county lines, ‘Oak’s viewers safely saw Victor kill Sid Sumner recently (or at least that’s what we believe is the soapland because there’s always the possibility for a shock return).

Ollie has been overwhelmed with remorse and is continuing to rebel from Sid’s apparent killing. But how does Gabriel Clark feel about the expectations of vengeance of his character?

Courtesy: Yahoo Movies UK

Gabriel confessed to the reporters that he “loved” to see Ollie avenge Sid. He said that he believes that Victor must be brought down, and he would absolutely love it if Ollie were the one to do that. HE said that for now, they need to wait and spectate.

He added, opening up Ollie’s mental state: “Ollie wants to do right by Sid. I think what spurs him also is the fact that he lost everything due to it. He’s wanted to push the County Lines drug operation down.

There’s a lot at stake, and as we saw with Sid, it’s life or death. Ollie doesn’t think about what else he might lose.


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