“Game of Thrones”: Pedro Pascal auditioned for Oberyn via iPhone


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Here we are back taking the co-showrunner of “GoT” on a reminiscing trip to a time when he cast the character of ‘Oberyn Martell’ which was played by Pedro Pascal and how Pascal was auditioned using a clip which was shot on an iPhone.

Having taken over a special space in the heart of fans, all seasons of “GoT” is loaded with fine actors and one of them is Pedro Pascal who gave his audition on an iPhone.

The best of Oberyn Martel: 

How Pedro was selected for the role?

Pedro was selected for the role when he sent his iPhone audition to his good friend, who is the best friend of Amanda Peet, wife of co-showrunner of “GoT” David Benioff. David was very impressed by the acting of Pedro and said that he is the man who can give life to any virtual character. And called him f****g handsome.

How David described Pedro’s audition:

David called the audition a little bit unique because it was shot on an iPhone. But on contrary, the quality of the video was very poor, the iPhone was not having a very fancy camera, the shot was vertical, and the whole thing was very incompetent. But despite all that, what took David’s heart away was acting, just peculiar, intense right and completely believable.

David and his partner, D.B. Weiss were very sure from the beginning that Pascal will nail the role of ‘Oberyn Martell’. They said that the actor was underrated. He should get nominations for the award and surely win that. They were very thrilled that they cast a gem for their movie. 

Something about the character:

Oberyn Martel was the Prince of Dorne who was killed very horribly in the lap of the mountains. The reason why fans are going to adore the character of Martel was because of his brutal murder. And the actor will always be appreciated for this role.

Other casts and characters:

“GoT” stars Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, and Lena Headey.

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