Game of Thrones Prequel House Of The Dragon: Here’s How Long We Have To Wait For It.


HBO’s fan-favorite Game Of Throne has been one incredible series, People loved the Game Of Throne so much that ultimately there’s a signed petition to re-shoot the whole final season.

However, it will be upsetting to know that HBO will not go for the alternate season finale, 

But there is good news from HBO for GOT fans. HBO has announced a prequel for GOT, which is named as House Of The Dragon. So, let us check out the updates on ‘House of the Dragon here!

House of Dragons 

We are certain that laucnch update of the series is already hiking the level of exciting hence, we are excited too to share as per the sources, te Series is going to amaze the viewers. 

This stoyline of the series is inspired the book of George R.R Martin, which is Fire and Blood. Martin and Ryan Condal will deliver the house of Dragons. 

GOT will have it one of the spin-offs. The story will be based on the House of Targaryen, and it will be 300 years before GoT’s timeline.

Game of Thrones Prequel House Of The Dragon: Here’s How Long We Have To Wait For It.

Direction And Production of House of The Dragons

The creators of the show are Martin and Ryan Condal. Condal has something special to do; he has taken the graphic novel Analog for Lionsgate feature

Showrunners are the heart of the series, and we have again Condal along with Miguel Sapochnik, and they will also produce the show with there two partners Vince Gerarids and Martin. 

Spochnik is a well-known personality with lots of awards for his past works. He was nominated for the Emmy in 2019 for The Long Night. Spochnik was honored with Emmy and DGA for his work in Battles of Bastards. He was awarded an Emmy for the Best Drama series for the final season. 

Casting and Release Date

Casting is not decided yet; it is just the announcement for GoT fans. They demanded the re-shoot of the final season, which they will not get ever because it’s done, and the show is over. So fans deserve this show, so this is especially for GoT fans. 

The release date is not out yet, will have the date soon. It just an announcement from HBO to start the House of The Dragons. Hopefully, this show will be just like GoT’s initial season or better than that, a fan will expect more from this season. 

Closure | House Of The Dragons

The announcement will be the biggest good news for GoT fans, all they have is House Of The Dragons. If the season will disappoint the fans, then it would be a disaster for the GoT franchise. The hype is announcement had created one can’t believe it. 

We are providing a link to the comments the GoT Fans have written on this show’s announcement. 

We hope you had enjoyed the initial season of the GoT, and you will have the same in the coming time.

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