Game Of Thrones Winds Of Winter: Another Book From George RR Martin, Latest Updates


Game Of Thrones, one of the most intriguing series to date. The series got huge positive feedback from the audience. We all know that the series got warped up last year with an unpredictable ending. Fans gave a final goodbye to the television series adaptation with numerous questions in mind. Viewers are eager to know the final hand of the thrones. Unfortunately, the last season gave a massive disappointment to the audience by keeping this question unanswered. George RR Martin took the job in hands and decided to retort this question from the television series. The Wind of Winter became the most awaited novel of all time.

Things you should know about the TV series adaptation: The Story So Far 

Game of Thrones is the best series to date with a huge fan base all across the globe. People from the entire world are crazy about this series for its theme ballads or visuals. It’s not possible to compose the complete series from the beginning in a few lines, but a short throwback about the related points of this wonderful series.

Game Of Thrones Winds Of Winter: Another Book From George RR Martin, Latest Updates

 The series blew the mind of viewers with its critical ending and left the fans upset. Information from various sources gave a shine to fan’s eyes, on listing about the upcoming novel of this remarkable series. Special thanks to George RR Martin for jotting down the sixth famous fantasy book of this television series. This novel will hint at the right hands to heir the thrones. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss creators of the show were found to have a meeting with Martin to give him the idea for the upcoming novel.

Game Of Thrones Winds Of Winter: Plot 

The first volume of the fantastic series Game Of Thrones gets published in 1996. The amazing novelist George RR Martin is the substantial man behind this series. The official date on which the book will be disclosed is not yet decided.
It was expected to be released in early 2020 but got halted due to some reason that’s not revealed yet. George RR Martin spoke to a German website line with the strong meaning “People know an ending, but not the ending”,  “The makers of TV had overtaken me, Which I didn’t expect”. That’s about the plot, we would update the article in case we find any news related to the upcoming novel.


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