Gary Oldman to play screenwriter opposite of Burke’s Orson Welles


A single footage which showed David Fincher’s Mank was all everyone was excited about. The new updates received show Gary Oldman to be casted as Herman Mankiewicz, the screenwriter who teamed with Welles.

Citizen Kane is one of the greatest movies considered and everything is in preparation for David Fincher’s Mank. David Fincher has been such a great storyteller behind Zodiac, Seven and The Social Network. Gary Oldman will play the screenwriter opposite Burke’s Orson Welles.

The real challenge that is going to be is for Netflix, the streaming giant has been trying to break through the awards with pictures like Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma or Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

Everyone thought that David Fincher would tell Citizen Kane. Will Netflix be able to bring the excitement in the viewers for Mank. Will they be able to convince Hubie Halloween supporters to watch it?

The new poster claims for the movie to be released on December 4. They will hit specific theaters and Netflix. Let’s hope for the positive response and viewers supporting the Mnak.


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