Coronation Street broadcast the coming back of Todd Grimshaw in the episode of October 14, but he did not come back so peacefully as he had hoped, instead of making it into a horrible scenario.

What did the episode show?

After Eileen threatened to throw Mick off his scent by convincing him that Todd was gone, full of a false funeral, Mick told them all he thought was a bluff and Eileen vowed that he’d come back regardless of his money Todd might have owed him.

Later he invited himself to the 11th place, where Todd still was hiding, and even after Eileen had given him the money he would not leave convinced that Todd would emerge, too.

Eileen approached Todd on the stairway, taking immediately a cup of tea to Mick, whom he suspiciously agreed to before Mic could call her son. Yet it did not last until he heard the stairs collapsing and remembered that Todd already was there. He took a pistol out. You need to get down here two seconds or I’m going to carry it out with your mother.

Todd didn’t beg Mick to hurt Eileen, but he said that he didn’t want to hurt her. Yeah, I don’t want to hurt her. I can handle it as I’m dumped. I’m not the blessing of God, people are going on, but taking from me is just adding to the bruises and I can’t let go of that.

Mick then picked up Todd at a gunpoint outside and, after a few seconds of Eileen’s sprint, Mick lying on the ground unconsciously, with Gary Windass standing by the gate holding a bat he’d kicked out. Gary sensed this turmoil in the house and felt like going back and being able to help if necessary.

It hadn’t been long before Mick arrived and Todd again threatened that it wasn’t over. After that, on Friday, 16 October, as Mick flips on a sidekick at the furniture store in Mick’s crossfire, Gary finds himself trapped in the crossfires. During the company, Mick threatens and attacks Gary and falsely thinks he is in Todd’s cahoots.


Todd Grimshaw returned to the Coronation Street episode tonight on 14 October. His mother Eileen took him back. Mick Grimshaw was convinced Eileen told him Todd was gone. He was convinced.

Yet he took a gun to his mother’s throat as Todd returned. Gary Windass felt like he was returning to help, and he caught the fire of Mick. Gary is in crossfires on Friday, October 16, when Gary turns on a sidekick at a furniture shop.

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