George Clooney grows a wicked beard in the midnight sky.


2020 has already given us a lot of twists and turns and the new TV shows that 2020 is bringing in our also not leaving a chance to add to the twists. 

Yes absolutely!

Netflix has recently released a trailer of a new sci-fi thriller epic The Midnight Sky based on a story by Lily Dalton Brook, a novel named Good Morning and Midnight. 

hair George Clooney has stepped into the shoes of both the director and the producer. 

Netflix has made this big announcement for its fans through its Twitter handle.

The tale has two parts, one where the focus is around George playing the role of a scientist, Augustine who is busy observing the universe from an outpost in the Arctic, that’s where a global cataclysm erupts.

Before long, he realizes he wasn’t alone but in company with another young girl Iris.

The trailer showcases mystery, suspense, and a groovy Sci-fi adventure.

A journey of George Clooney through disastrous spacewalks, catastrophic malfunctions, unearthly landscapes, and all. 

The team has got an excellent cast including Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, Kyle Chandler, Tiffany Boone, and Demian Bichir.

The Midnight Sky is all ready to make the fans go super adventurous over it on December 23rd in selected theaters and on Netflix.

So guys, keep your Netflix Subscriptions renewed.

View the trailer at, 



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