Gerald McRaney has something about his character in Filthy Rich



  • Fans are surprised by a sudden twist in the first episode of Filthy Rich.
  • Things are about to get more interesting when Margaret finds out Eugene had three illegitimate kids.
  • The creator of the series Tate Taylor said that that the plane crash is just a new beginning for Eugene.

Inside Story

Filthy Rich just arrived on Fox on September 21, but it drew a major plot twist on the viewers. This series is a true definition of a guilty pleasure, but dropping a big twist on its premiere episode has left the fans surprised.

Nobody saw it coming, and viewers want to know what will happen next. Let us take a look at what actor Gerald McRaney who plays Eugene Montreaux has to say about this.

Recently, Gerald McRaney had a chat with a news source where he revealed Eugene’s future after almost getting killed in the miraculous plane crash. After surviving, it looks like he has two routes, the first one is to go back to his family, and the second one is to move forward and start a new life.

After his plane went down in the premiere episode, the character gained his consciousness up to a stranger staring in an unknown place. Now that he is awake, fans are curious whether he will go back to his life and family?

In February 2020, Gerald said that he has no clue where Eugene’s life will take him, but it looks like it is a beginning of a long journey back to himself. He continued that it will not be a journey back to his previous life, or do anything else. The character will be on a route to self-discovery where he might not know who he is, and how he doesn’t know himself.

Eugene Montreaux was a perfect Christian man, a husband, and a father. On the outside, his life was all perfect, but on the inside, he was hiding big secrets. His wife Margaret Montreaux (played by Kim Cattrall), did not know about his illegitimate kids. When his plane crashed, he was galavanting with women who were not Margaret Montreaux.

So if he returns to his family, he has some serious explaining to do to his wife. The creator of the series Tate Taylor said that surviving the plane crash is a new beginning for Eugene. He added that just like everyone, he is on a journey, and now he knows that he has messed it up. 


Fox’s Filthy Rich series has just got better with its plot twist and let us see what is Eugene planning to do next with his life. Fans can expect more drama when his wife realizes that he is a father of three illegitimate kids, and he has written a will for them.

Will these kids take what rightfully belongs to them, or will Margaret use all her techniques to keep the fortune? Only time will tell what happens next. Stay tuned for more information about the series.


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